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Similar Sites provides you with up-to-date, filtered site recommendations which are similar to the ones you've already been to. It also gives you more options for those you love. Imagine receiving updates on subjects you are passionate about right in your inbox. Imagine being able to gain access to a directory of websites that are similar to yours, which is regularly updated. Or, how would you like not typing "webdesign" again in any search engine? Similar Sites makes it much easier to find web design resources that fit your needs, wherever you are. Your very own web search directory!

Similar Sites brings you up-to-date, filtered web results for similar items to those you already search for, while giving you more options. Instantly find and preview similar websites to the ones you love. Similar Sites is a fantastic addition to your personal search directory. This is an excellent option to check out what others are talking about.

Similar Sites is a powerful search comparison engine that enables you to quickly locate similar sites and even lets you compare more than one website by entering a short description. Similar Sites pulls information from several popular browsers, allowing you to compare your most popular websites side-by-side using colors, text, or other visual cues. You can also look up specific categories like finance, games or recipes, shopping or shopping. You will be amazed at how many websites are available. All this can be done with just one easy and simple software installation.

Similar Sites is a great alternative for Chrome or Firefox users. Chrome is quickly getting ahead of Firefox. Firefox is still the most popular browser. Chrome is definitely worth the effort regardless of whether Firefox isn't your favourite browser. Similar Sites is something I'm sure you've heard about even if you don't use Firefox. Through your Firefox browser, or Chrome browser you can quickly evaluate their favorite websites and receive instant results.

Similar Sites provides you with the possibility of creating an individual home page for your browser. You can pick the same pages or display them in the same order (bottom-to-top). Additionally, you can choose to hide parts of your screen. For instance, you can remove the address bar from your browser and replace it with a custom logo, or even hide any text or images. Firebug users will love this feature, and so will users of other browsers.

To access Related Sites, simply visit the website and follow the instructions on screen. You can use the Add-Ons app to quickly add related websites to your web browser. Firefox is now able to browse multiple blogs in the same niche. Users of Firebug are bound to love the new default engine search feature!